$1m Presale

Every investment is your entry into our INSANE $1m prize draw. This is your chance to transform your future – what are you waiting for? The lucky winner will be announced at the end of our presale

What is InsanityBETS? Gambling platform

InsanityBets is the first crypto casinofi platform that allows you to become the house, earning real yield. 85% of fees goes back to the community.

Gambling platform

it workS


Buy $IBET during our presale to open the door to a real yield utility token. There’s plenty of options to utilize your $IBET once it’s in your wallet.

Stake or Burn

Stake or burn your $IBET to receive real yield from trading fees, ILP fees, and game winner fees. 35% of all fees to stakers, 50% of all fees to burners.


Become the house by minting $ILP using $USDT (and more coming soon). Receive 90% of all the wins and losses from players’ bets.

Smart Contract Audits
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With ground-breaking new DeFi and CasinoFi utility being unlocked we’re taking on the industry giants to generate real revenue for our community.

$231 Billion
A Year Industry

Casinos and gambling generates $231 billion a year of revenue worldwide. $62 billion of that revenue is because of online games. Capturing just 5% means $3.1bn annual revenue for $IBET holders.

Plug-and-Play For Devs

Think of InsanityBets as a whole new betting ecosystem. Developers will be able to create their own front-ends and games and plug-and-play into our suite of CasinoFi contracts. Increasing decentralization.

Leading Innovation

Our team have taken inspiration from GMX but we haven’t stopped there. We’ll be at the forefront of CasinoFi innovation, from multi and side bets, to thrilling unique games. But that’s not all… we have plenty left to surprise you with.

What is this? Gambling platform

We’re Betting Big On

$IBET Utility

Unlocks unchartered utility and innovative tokenomics. Our ecosystem will consist of $IBET, staked $IBET ($sIBET), escrowed $IBET ($esIBET) and burned $IBET ($bIBET).

$ILP Value Proposition

InsanityBets allows you to become the house and counterparty to bettor’s bets. This means you receive 90% of all the profits and losses, but remember that the casino always wins…

Games Built
For Apes

Think of InsanityBets as a whole new betting ecosystem. Our games will keep developing with the goal to make them the most engaging in the casino world. All provably fair using Chainlink VRF RNG.

The Future Is Middleware

We don’t want to limit our community to just our games. We plan to enable developers on all chains to plug into InsanityBets and develop their own games using our CasinoFi contracts.

Gambling Platform
Let The Games Begin
Coin Flip

Using Chainlink VRF, our proven verified randomness allows you to bet on a new twist of coin flip.

Coming Soon
Blast off

How high will you go? Think you’re Elon and can go to mars? Give it a try!

Coming Soon
Rock Paper Scissors

Put your money where your hands are in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors—just remember, paper may cover rock, but it doesn’t cover losses!

Coming Soon



Place your bet and watch for 777, the odds may be elusive, but the thrill is always a sure bet.

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Gambling platform


5,000,000,000IBET – 100%
Pre-sale 2,500,000,000
$esIBET 500,000,000
Exchange Listings 250,000,000
Team 1,500,000,000
Airdrop 250,000,000

We want to reward stakers of all kinds, but especially larger stakers who believe in the long-term mission and value of $IBET and InsanityBets platforms.

The following tiers:

  • help align both protocol and token holder’s objectives
  • encourages high-rollers to BUY and stake large amount of $IBET for reduced fees
  • reduce circulating supply
  • increases participation in governance

tokens staked

  • Normal $ILP deposit and withdrawal fees 1%, Blue Whale fees 0.1%
  • Normal winning fee 1%, reduced winning fee to 0.5%
  • Early access to new games
  • Highest priority for matching PvP games

tokens staked

  • Normal $ILP deposit and withdrawal fees 1%,Killer Whale fees 0.2%
  • Normal winning fee 1%, reduced winning fee to 0.6%
  • Early access to new games
  • 2nd Highest priority for matching PVP games

tokens staked

  • Normal $ILP deposit and withdrawal fees 1%, Shark fees 0.25%
  • Normal winning fee 1%, reduced winning fee to 0.7%
  • Early access to games
  • 3rd Highest priority for matching PVP games

tokens staked

  • Normal $ILP deposit and withdrawal fees 1%, Dolphin fees 0.35%
  • Normal winning fee 1%, reduced winning fee to 0.8%
  • Early access to games

tokens staked

  • Normal $ILP deposit and withdrawal fees 1%, Dolphin fees 0.5%
  • Normal winning fee 1%, reduced winning fee to 0.9%
Gambling platform



Twitter/X and Telegram Launch
Website and Presale Dashboard Launch
Development of Token Contract
Hiring a Marketing Agency


Presale Launch
Deployment of InsanityBets Git Repository
Development of $IBET and $ILP Contracts
Contract Audits


Development of the First 5 Games
Launch of Additional 5 Games
Implementation of Profit/Loss and Total Bets Dashboards
Referral/Affiliate Program Setup


Telegram Betting Bots
API Development for Developer Economy
Enhanced Business Development Efforts
Surprise Announcements and Features


Introduction of New $ILP Collateral Mechanisms
Continuous Development and Launch of New Games
API Expansion and Developer Support
Cross-Platform Integrations


Sustainable Business Model Development
Community-Led Initiatives and Governance
Ongoing Security and Performance Upgrades
Scalability and Global Expansion

They’ve Placed Their Bet On Us

Frequently asked questions

We’ve set the initial launch price for our token at $0.0180. However, please understand that, like all financial markets, the price is influenced by real-time buying and selling activities. As a result, the token’s value may experience fluctuations shortly after launch. Always make informed decisions and consider market dynamics when evaluating our token’s price.

Trust but verify. We urge users to dive into our ‘provably fair’ section to witness our transparent fairness protocols firsthand. In short: Each game comes with the ability to check the Chainlink VRF hash Chainlink VRF is the best-in-class RNG Each game will be audited by a leading smart contract audit firm.

Yes, the smart contracts do have an option to mint more tokens. This is when the protocol is looking to expand to new chains and may need to provide liquidity provisions and incentives. However, once activated, this will be decided by a community vote via Snapshot.org. And to keep things above board, a 14-day timelock is in place before any alterations materialize.

Our presale has 15 stages, with the stage number and the number of tokens for sale in each stage available to view through your dashboard. Get involved now, because the IBET price is set to rise quickly!

Buy $IBET Now And Reap Rewards Later

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